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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*[ Listen to the interview]
*[ Listen to the interview]
*[ Photo taken during the interview published on the howstuffworks Instagram account]
*[[instagram:p/BfPXMDfl99N/|Photo taken during the interview published on the @howstuffworks Instagram account]]
[[Category:Interviews and Public Appearances]]
[[Category:Interviews and Public Appearances]]

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On the episode An Interview with the Creators of Homestar Runner of TechStuff, The Brothers Chaps talk with Jonathan Strickland of HowStuffWorks.

Running Time: 1:02:12


The creators of Homestar Runner hop on TechStuff to talk about their pioneering work in web series production and how StrongBad is going to catch up on that huge email backlog.

External Links

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