TMBG Concert - 3 May 2006

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On May 3, 2006, They Might Be Giants again performed at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA. As with their previous engagement there in September of 2004, they were joined on-stage this time by Puppet Strong Bad, who goes on to sing Everybody to the Limit.


[edit] Known Transcript

PUPPET STRONG BAD: {Talking to They Might Be Giants} You work with Homestar, you work with that freakin' marshmallow. Never even looked for me. You let Strong Sad direct a video, and you didn't take my idea to make a prog-metal album.

JOHN FLANSBURGH: Well we— well we called you but you never called back, man.


JOHN FLANSBURGH: We sent you emails that got caught in the spam filter.

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Look man, I gave you my beeper, my pager, and... my car phone number. I got nothing, nothing from you people.

JOHN LINNELL: Dude, well you're— you're here now with us.

PUPPET STRONG BAD: Yeah but... you still have glasses and you're... nerds.

JOHN LINNELL: Well— Strong Bad...Strong Bad—

PUPPET STRONG BAD: What?! What could you possibly say to me to change my mind?!

JOHN LINNELL: You've gotta— you've gotta come down off this— this hostile plateau...that you're on...

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