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In Mr. Poofers Must Die, Old Man Rootbeer is the character who is trying to see that the titular dog, Mr. Poofers, gets killed. He wears a red plaid overcoat and a red hat, and he has a beard similar to The King of Town's, taking up his whole face, as evidenced when Mr. Poofers rips it off. In Homestar's rendition, Old Man Rootbeer is upset at Mr. Poofers for eating his pimecones. He takes a nap on a college hammock and asks Mr. Poofers not to steal his pimecones, which is when Mr. Poofers steals his beard, waking Old Man Rootbeer and angering him. After Homestar is unable to kill off Mr. Poofers, Coach Z has Old Man Rootber receive a roundish box from Mr. Poofers, which he had definitely not asked for. He hoped it was full of replacement pimecones, but instead, it was half a hairbrush. Coach Z is then embarrassed by his inability to kill Mr. Poofers in the story. After Marzipan and Strong Sad both fail in turn to kill Mr. Poofers (without mentioning Rootbeer), Strong Bad lets Old Man Rootbeer have a flamethrower, and expresses, with increasing difficulty, that Old Man Rootbeer points the flamethrower at Mr. Poofers with dead aim and pulls the tr...trigg— trolley which is suddenly carrying a smiling Old Man Rootbeer and Mr. Poofers around the block. Strong Bad concedes that none of them will be able to kill Mr. Poofers in the story. Old Man Rootbeer is not seen in the cartoon's outro.


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