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Preeow 2.0

New Paper is the replacement for The original Paper after its printer broke in the 173rd email, the paper (just as foretold in the email montage). Unlike its predecessor, it comes from an inkjet printer capable of printing color. According to Strong Bad, it's still on "trial status". Its first printing sound effect, according to Strong Bad, was "Heunh heownh heunh heownh vvvvvt eangt clonk-a-donk," and it has recently been shortened to "vvvvvt eangt clonk-a-donk" possibly to take less time to end an email.

New Paper often features a picture on either side of the text "Click here to email Strong Bad". The pictures are a key from a keyboard reading "@" and Strong Bad's head in an envelope. Both pictures are in color.

From pizza joint and onwards, New Paper has managed to print itself out without any problems, setbacks, or criticisms.

Strong Bad's initial reactions to New Paper

  • In the paper, Strong Bad dislikes the new sound that it makes and insists that it impress him. New Paper's first attempt at doing so was to print out an ASCII picture of a butt made from hyphens and dollar signs, which was judged to be a partial success.
  • In mini-golf, New Paper comes down early while Strong Bad was still answering the email. He then angrily asks it to go back up. In the end, when New Paper comes down in time, he asks if it's ever not running out of ink.
  • In concert, Strong Bad further expresses his displeasure with the sound that the New Paper makes, and sticks a floppy disc in it to make more of a scratchy sound.
  • In hygiene, Strong Bad is disappointed further when New Paper runs a calibration test (though you can still click on it to e-mail Strong Bad), also remarking that it keeps sucking just enough to stay interesting.
  • In original, Strong Bad asks New Paper to disappoint him. It responds by falling off the screen after printing. Strong Bad comments that when it comes to disappointing, New Paper never disappoints.
  • In bike thief, New Paper is printed with the old Paper's green and white stripe design. This doesn't fool Strong Bad, but he admits it does make him feel "a little better".


  • If the new paper is running out of ink, the top of the paper should be lighter and the bottom should be in different colors, because the new paper wouldn't be gaining ink as it prints out.
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