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Ridiculous Real-Live Breakfast!

In the DVD commentary for space program, The Brothers Chaps admit they "always love it when we get to make food for an Easter egg or part of an email". Because of their love of making these delicious (if occasionally ridiculous) concoctions, live action foods have made the occasional appearance in a variety of cartoons.


  • Email 50 emailsSwiss Cake Roll with 5 and 0 candles to mark the 50th email.
  • Email unused emails (Easter egg) — The picture in Bubs' Weekly Spamvertisement can be changed to a small cup of ketchup and a jar of three-bean salad.
  • Email big white face (Easter egg) — Clicking on the cake Strong Bad made for The Poopsmith, the real cake appears, and with each additional click the toppings are added in this order: fortune cookies, Chinese food (which looks like it might be General Tso's Chicken), grapes, Golden Grahams cereal, ice cubes, lemon slices, and finally, a Swiss Cake Roll and the "50" candle from 50 emails.
  • Email no loafing shows an ad for "Bubs's 30 cent Lunch Special" consisting of chicken bones, cup of ice, and half-eaten candy bar.
  • Email other days — Features a live action glass of Piemonade.
  • Cheat Commandos...O's — Live action Cheat Commandos...O's are shown at the ending as part of a ridiculous breakfast.
  • Email space program — A Grilled Cheese Sandwich is Item 3B.
  • Email bottom 10 — All of the desserts with dangerous names are live action.
  • Email bedtime story (Easter egg) — Real Suudsu appears in an Easter egg.
  • Decemberween Short Shorts The King of Town's "Last Three Items in the Pantry" special.
  • Sbemailiarized!Strong Bad drops his figurine onto a hamburger.

Gallery of Real-Live Foods

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