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The Brothers Chaps have made a handful of references to the state of Iowa in Homestar Runner, especially the capital, Des Moines.


  • Email lady fan — One caption in Buck Webb, Extraordinaire reads "Back in Des Moines...".
  • Email what i wantStrong Bad interprets the email sender's location of "Des Moines, IA" as the George Lucas-inspired "computery generated planet of Des' Moi-nes'ia".
  • Email mini-golf — Strong Bad interprets the email sender's signature of "Somebody noone cares about in IA" as "Everyone in Iowa".
  • Email specially marked — Strong Bad advises against buying cereals with anything grown in Iowa in their name. One of these cereals, Corn Krunch, has a label reading "IOWA GROAN".
  • Large Bean — Strong Bad says to Large Bean, "You leave Des Moines alone!"

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