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The Few, The Proud, The Homestarmy!
Active January 5, 2004—Present
Allegiance Free Country, USA
Headquarters The Stick
Motto Do You Has?
Membership Cost $5
Members Homestar Runner
Frank Bennedetto
Strong Sad
Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife
Duties Invading Strong Badia
Monitoring Labor Day
Equipment Orange Wooden Spoon (Colonels only)
Orange Bowls

The Homestarmy is a "No-armed fighting force" led by Colonel Homestar Runner (pronounced "col-o-nel" by Homestar, as opposed to its normal pronunciation "ker-nel"). The Homestarmy was initially founded to invade and conquer Strong Badia as a means for Homestar to take revenge on Strong Bad's increasing popularity. Homestar claims that membership is limited to those with guts and determination, as well as a deposit of five dollars. But in reality, the Homestarmy is a rag-tag group of Free Country, USA's more disenfranchised citizens, united by Homestar's friendly influence, and their shared dislike of Strong Bad. Regardless, Homestar is very confident in this meager army and has been known to try to get the said $5 from his soldiers often.

"Don't you die on me!"

Their enthusiastic invasion of Strong Badia resulted in the awkward military fiasco known as The Battle of Strong Badia. The only casualty was Third-Style Private Bennedetto, a popcorn air-popper, wounded by a kick from Strong Bad.

With Frank Bennedetto fully healed, the Homestarmy returned to their duties, ensuring that no one worked on Labor Day.

Homestar tried to recruit new members for the Homestarmy at the Vaguely Military Career Fair, saying that he was looking for people that came from "a long line of five bucks-havers".

Later, the Homestarmy led the Invasion of the King of Town's castle; however, his help wasn't really needed, as the "invasion" lasted only five minutes. After that, everyone quit except for Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and Homestar. (Painting of a guy with a Big Knife wasn't in this game, and according to the game Frank Benedetto died in army.

It appears that orange Tupperware bowls are the Homestarmy uniform: all members except Frank Bennedetto wear one as a helmet. Other than the Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife and Homestar's wooden spoon, they carry no weapons, though Homestar claims that any who oppose them will feel their "fluoride sting".



Battle of Strong Badia

Invasion of the King of Town's Castle


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