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==Fun Facts==
==Fun Facts==

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It's not done

Homestar's Website is an Easter egg in the e-mail 2 years. It is a poorly-designed website made for Nedscape 1.0, most likely explaining why there is an early version of HTML visible at the top of the page.


Fun Facts



  • The code for the page is actually tentatively valid HTML 4.0 Transitional.
  • The background appears to be a heavily Photoshopped picture of Homestar. It looks like he used the "Plastic Wrap" and "Lens Flare" filters, among others.

Real-World References

  • Homestar's Website works best on "Nedscape 1.0" or lower. "Nedscape" is an obvious misspelling of Netscape, an internet browser.
    • Ironically, this page will not load with Netscape 1.0.

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