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Welcome to the Help Desk

Before you ask your question, please consult the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Can I edit, change, add or delete something?"
This is a wiki. By all means, do what you want. If one more person asks for permission to do one more thing, our characteristically polite admin, JoeyDay, is going to scream nasty expletives at him/her. If we didn't want you editing/creating documents, we wouldn't give everyone the ability to do so, would we?! If you've done something wrong, we'll let you know. In this community, it's better to ask forgiveness later than permission now.
  • How do I revert a page back to the way it was after it has been deleted or changed?
Vandalism is sometimes a problem on the Wiki, but since a history of all changes is kept, no permanent harm can be done to any page. Please see the WikiTroll for information on how to revert a page and report the offender.
  • "When I pause this toon, Homestar still blinks! Even though I have it paused! Wow! Did I find an Easter Egg?"
  • "If I watch this toon in fullscreen, I can see that Strong Bad's head is really not attached to his body! Wow! Did I find an Easter Egg?"
  • "If I stand on my head and watch this toon, everything is upside-down! Wow! Did I find an Easter Egg?"
Yeah, no. These aren't Easter Eggs. It's because the toons are made using Flash Animation. Or you are standing on your head. Whichever.
  • "Is there an email address where I can get a faster response to my question?"
Please don't send support related questions directly to JoeyDay. Send your support questions to Several people check this address (including JoeyDay), and you're more likely to get a quick response. However, posting your question below is usually the fastest way to get an answer.
  • How do you determine what goes in the Rejects section?
In general, a character, place, or object is a Reject if and only if X or more of the below conditions are met (see the Rejects discussion for more details):
  • It does not have any lines or important role in any toon
  • It appears in only one toon
  • It is only mentioned or appears in passing
  • No character interacts with it
  • I found a duplicate topic!
Topics should not exist more than once in the wiki. When you see a mistake, please feel free to correct it yourself. See HRWiki:Standards for details.
  • How do you put pictures on your user space?
All you need to do is put the URL for an image. See an example here.
  • "How does Strong Bad type with boxing gloves on?"
We don't know. In fact, we're not sure he's ever really answered that question. Why don't you ask him?

Old Questions

In an ancient time, the Homestar Runner Wiki ran on different software, and there were questions. Since much of what was discussed in those long-forgotten days no longer applies to the current site, the whole thread has been moved elsewhere.

New Questions

Your question wasn't on the FAQ? Ask away by simply adding your question to the bottom. We'll answer as soon as possible.

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