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In the Big Toon The Reddest Radish, released sometime in 2000, Marzipan competes in the Reddest Radish contest. This toon is animated using paper-cut versions of the main characters and employs canned laughter used in older sitcoms. We first see Marzipan pull a large radish from her garden only to be interrupted by a note saying that Homestar is sick. Marzipan goes to see how Homestar is doing but in reality, this is all a ploy by Strong Bad, The Cheat and Strong Mad to steal her reddest radish and win the contest. In the end, Homestar and Pom Pom discover Strong Bad's scheme and recover the radish after a fierce fight. Nevertheless, it turns out Marzipan had a humongous radish set aside in hammerspace that easily beat out the competition. watch (more...)

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