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*[[Where You Goin' 2?]]
*[[Where You Goin' 2?]]
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I am a cinder block

The Cinder Block holds up the Stop Sign in Strong Badia, although it is apparently not considered part of the "population". In the email "2 years," Strong Bad predicted that the Cinder Block would break up with the Stop Sign by September of 2005, as evidenced by this letter:

Dear Stop Sign,
You are a stop sign and I am a
cinder block. Therefore I think
we should break up. I hope we
can still be's friends.

Love Always,
Cinder Block

However, this did not come to pass; the Cinder Block is still holding up the Stop Sign to date.

Originally, the Cinder Block and Stop Sign were meant to be part of a larger monument, representing the right foot of Strong Bad. However, once the Thnikkaman passed by Strong Badia, all plans were forgotten, as seen in the email "monument."

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