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This article is about the running gag. For the actual email show, see Strong Bad Email.
"There's nobody dumber than Homestar Runner, on the Strong Bad Email Show!"

Strong Bad Email is sometimes thought of as an actual show, as if it was a program broadcast on television.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email huttah!The Cheat can be seen watching the email on what appears to be
  • Email the processBubs criticizes Strong Bad's email show.
  • Email car — In the intro, Strong Bad refers to the email as an "email show".
  • Email replacement — In the intro, Strong Bad says, "Our next show is a family show. It is... the email."
  • Email part-time job — Bubs yells at Strong Bad for wasting time with his "email show".
  • PAY PLUS! — On the second tour page, Strong Bad Email is called The Email Show.
  • Email — In a throwback to his older self, Strong Bad introduces "The Strong Bad Show", in which he checks real emails from "stupid idiots".
  • Email senior prom — At the very beginning, "The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show" is preempted by "Strong Bad's Very Popular Cartoon Show".
  • Email theme song — The email centers on possible theme songs, and their accompanying opening sequences, for the supposed show.
  • Email fan club — David of Northern Ireland asks Strong Bad if his "email show" has a fan club.
  • Email rated (Easter egg) — The King of Town is watching the email on TV.

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