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NOTE: This is my user page. It is for me. It is not for you, unless you are me, in which case I suppose that it might be.

Hello. I am a user on the Homestar Runner Wiki. I am a fan of the Homestar Runner cartoons.

Things I have done on the Homestar Runner Wiki

I have edited a few pages. You might have seen a few of my edits. There are also pages I have not edited. Among the pages I have edited is this user page.

Other things about me

I am a human. I am the same age as myself and roughly as tall. I have two arms and two legs, and at least one X chromosome. I speak at least one language, which includes English.

I have access to a computer with access to the internet. I am a citizen of the planet called Earth, and I have had at some point in my life both a mother and a father.

My favorite Strong Bad email is the one where Strong Bad checks his e-mail, gets an odd request, and responds to the request in a humorous fashion. I think he made fun of the emailer's name and location in it, but I may have mixed that one up with a different email.

I'll be at a place until a time. My phone number is some numbers. Punch Tompkins in the gut.

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