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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during the music video Trogdor Was Dragon Man.

Lyrics Visuals
Trogdor was a man. Trogdor the Man appears, holding an axe and a basketball. His hair is flowing in the wind. He comes in for a close-up.
Trogdor was a dragon man. White electricity surrounds Trogdor the Man, changing him into Trogdor from the waist up. Trogdor swivels his beefy arm as he shuffles back and forth across the screen.
Trogdor was a man. The scene transforms to a notebook page. Trogdor the Man is playing his axe like a guitar. He has one foot on an amp that reads "Pow-uh" in yellow lightning letters. Two rows of peasants dance back-up on each side of him.
Trogdor was a dragon man. Trogdor the Man and his amp are transformed into Trogdor from the waist up, as he swivels his beefy arm again.
funky beat Cut to a black background with three diagonal yellow lines going in the same direction, and six pink lines going the opposite direction. Trogdor the Man is shown from the back, from the shoulders up. He is holding his axe. Zoom in, as he turns around to face the viewer as his long hair flows.
And he was burninating, burninating— Cut to four thatched-roof cottages in Peasantry. The background slowly moves to the left. Trogdor peeks in from the side and above, releasing fire from his mouth and setting fire to the cottages one by one. The cottages and the grass around them blacken to a crisp. The last flame comes off its cottage and spins around.
—burninating the countryside! Trogdor the Man is standing in front of some hills. He has large blue eyes and is spinning a flaming basketball on one finger. As he slowly moves to the left, his eyes grow larger. The sky turns from blue to pink, and he smiles a huge grin with visible gums as the sun shines on him. His teeth glimmer briefly.
Trogdor was a man. (S, more different S)
Trogdor was a dragon man. (S, more different S)
Cut to a circular gradient, from outside to inside: orange, brown, white, blue. Two Trogdor heads pop in on each side of the screen in silhouette. As they whisper, an S comes from the left Trogdor's mouth, a different S comes from the right Trogdor's both, and both merge in between to form the basic Trogdor shape. On the second repetition, the outline blinks into a fully-drawn Trogdor.
(S, more different S)
(Whispering things in the '70s)

The rear end of a pair of jeans is pulsing to the beat. Trogdor is stitched on the right pocket. A red label reading "TROGDOR™" is stitched on the left pocket. A wavy line with many colored bands (from top to bottom: dark red, red, orange, green, white, lighter orange, yellow-orange) appears on the bottom with the text "Whispering things in the 70's". The text slides to the right as the wavy line pulses.

And he was burninating— Three columns of peasants are backup dancing in a charred, devastated landscape as fires rage on in front of them. The front peasants stay in place, while the back ones slide from left to right.
—burninating— In a farther shot, four columns of peasants are dancing. Smoke rises from behind the hills. Behind the peasants, Trogdor runs past the screen blowing fire. The Cheat follows behind him, with a beefy arm, pointed teeth, and also breathing fire.
burninating the countryside! A perfume ad appears against a blurred wavy beige background. The bottle is shaped like Trogdor, partly filled with green liquid. It has little yellow legs and wings. The beefy arm forms the air bellows. Below reads the text "TROGDOR", and in smaller text, "FOR DRAGON MEN". The bottle squirts perfume out twice. Trogdor the Man fades in so that the bottle is pointed toward his face. He turns to face the viewer.
Trogdor was a man. (Consummate, consummate)
Trogdor was a dragon man. (Consummate, consummate)
The Dancing Brothers dance their routine in front of a burning cottage.
Consummate, consummate Zoom in on Trogdor the Man, seen from the back. He is wearing Trogdor jeans from the waist down and holding his axe and basketball. The butt is pulsing to the beat. He turns his head to face the viewer.
Consummate V's. Two silhouetted Trogdor heads are whispering in front of a wooden background. The words "Consummate V's" appear engraved on a gold plaque mounted under them. Vs come out of the dragons' mouths. The background turns purple and a forward-facing Trogdor face is drawn, with the two Vs serving as the top fangs. The Trogdor face is colored in green, and the fangs white.
Maybe he was just a dragon. Trogdor clamps down his teeth as purple electricity sparkles in the background. Then, Trogdor's face turns to the side to show Trogdor's full head and neck, breathing fire.
funky beat A neon sign reading "JUST A DRAGON" gets engulfed in flames, and blinks a bit. The text is blue, and the border is red. There is a gray switch below.
Maybe he was just a dragon. Cut to a purple background with blue and green dots, and white flashes. Two peasants with jeans from the waist down are dancing with their butts pulsing to the beat. They merge together and form a white silhouette of Trogdor walking.
Maybe he was just a dragon. The screen flashes, unsilhouetting Trogdor and turning the background into a purple tunnel. There is a miniature Trogdor on his belly. The camera zooms in and turns to focus on the miniature Trogdor until it is full size. This sequence repeats three times.
Well, he was still Trogdor. The Trogdor-shaped stitching on the back pocket of the jeans breathes fire made from yellow and orange stitches.
And the Trogdor— A silhouetted Trogdor is flying at night over the mountains in front of the full moon, above gray mountains.
—comes in the NIGHT! Six peasants stand behind Trogdor, who is a man from the waist down. Trogdor jumps out of the knight-pants to reveal his full glory, as the peasants ignite themselves. The knight pants shuffle away.
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