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In the back pseudo-alleys of FCUSA.
Fairly On Point brochure

The On Point Kings is a gang consisting of Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat. It was formed with the intention of rejecting guff from everyone. The Kings' hideout is located in the pseudo-alley behind Bubs' Concession Stand; they have their own logo, a yellow crown with the words "ON POINT" written inside. They also seem to function as Strong Badia's military muscle, albeit branded as a private military corporation so that Strong Bad can maintain his stance that "Strong Badia does not have or need an army".

The gang was created during one of The Stick's periods of unpopularity. As seen in the email origins, the Kings glued Homsar to Marzipan and left them for dead. They then had to find a new place to hang out, so they wouldn't simply be "hanging around them for dead".

The Kings accomplished some success during this appearance: they scared Strong Sad away from his moleskin notebook search by threatening him with a second belly button and flatly refused The King of Town's attempt to join the gang with a pointy dunce cap. The dunce cap was later stolen by the Kings and renamed "Lotionman" by Strong Mad. Strong Bad refused to go into the history of Lotionman in any detail.

In more armies, Strong Bad tried to recruit new members to the On Point Kings at the Vaguely Military Career Fair. He made a brochure using a pirated version of QuarkXPress to advertise his shady band of mercenaries (not missionaries). According to the brochure, the On Point Kings' clients include Strong Badia, The Cheat's sister, and Joe Piscopo, and they specialize in black ops, brown ops, and the occasional beige op. In this appearance, all the members of the On Point Kings wear tape-on mustaches, and Strong Bad also wears an eyepatch and a robotic claw.

A Weekly Fanstuff featuring Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat was given a caption that referenced the gang: fairly on point kings.

In Fan 'Stumes 2021 upon seeing a fan dressed in an On Point Kings jacket, Strong Bad claims he does not remember letting them join, asking them if they went through "all the hazing rituals". These rituals include "eating three large gallon-of-milk pizzas in an hour", "drawing hillbilly teeth on sleeping Homestar", and Strong Bad's favorite, "bottle rocket chili cheese fries."

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