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He wants to be a quarterback!
Things are looking up.
He never had 3 more legs...

Li'l Brudder is a drawing of a one-legged puppy that Strong Bad uses to make everyone cry, and to crack himself up. According to Strong Bad, he can make it on his own, and he's going to one day "be a quarterback" that will "throw for 2000 yards". Whenever anyone (or at least Homestar Runner and The Cheat) sees this picture, they promptly burst into tears. He even managed to tear up the mighty Strong Bad himself, who then ran off, trying to cover it up by saying he had "a food in the oven".

The "I can make it on my own" catchphrase comes from invisibility, where it appears in the Easter egg as one of the messages on the screen of the trashed Tandy 400.

According to Strong Bad, he is not named after Strong Sad. The character of Tendafoot, on the other hand, is based on Strong Sad.

According to the 2005 SXSW Panel featuring the The Brothers Chaps, a stand-alone Li'l Brudder cartoon was started, though originally abandoned. Footage was shown of a logo and Li'l Brudder scraping his way across the screen.

The Brothers Chaps did eventually complete the solo cartoon, calling it "The Li'l Brudder and Maybe Tendafoot Too Show!". It always brings Homestar Runner to tears. On the show, he is friends with Tendafoot, a no-legged parrot and a possum with a human nose for a face.

The reason as to why he has only one leg was suggested in The Li'l Brudder Show: his mother was a beagle, but his father was a unicycle.

In a Twitter post on 3 Aug 2016, Strong Bad pointed out that along with his sole leg, Li'l Brudder has a host of other handicaps and adversities, including a crubbed snout, mouth leakage, jambler's eyeball, a stolen celebrity beagle ear, a horn where his tail should be, chronic jibblies, and other unspecified issues. Strong Bad suggests that because of this, Li'l Brudder does not have many good years left to live, and that one of his years is equal to one quarter of a human year.

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