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Far off indeed

Far Off Lands are the collection of countries that exist outside Free Country, USA. To find the Yello Dello, the team of Homestar Runner, Pom Pom and Strong Sad had to travel through them in the toon In Search of the Yello Dello. Some of these lands include:

  • Prance borders Potamia and Dortugal. Its name is a play on the country France.
  • Dortugal is west of Prance and south of Potamia. It contains a diagonal mountain range. Its name is a play on the country Portugal. The Brothers Chaps also mention Dortugal while commenting on submitted Fan Stuff.
  • Potamia is home to the very rare Yello Dello, found specifically in the northeast region. There is apparently a large lake there. Potamia is likely a reference to Ancient Mesopotamia, a region of Southwest Asia. "Potamia" literally means "Place of Rivers", and "Mesopotamia" means "Place Between Rivers".

Homestar suspected that the sender of the Strong Bad Email anything from "FL" was from one of these lands, along with Foreign Leadership Camp, before finally settling on Fish Lake.

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