Alamo Drafthouse - 10 Jun 2005

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The Brothers Chaps and Ryan Sterritt made an appearance in Austin, Texas.

They showed some video clips, talked about the website and did some other stuff. Below are the transcripts of three videos someone was kind enough to upload.


[edit] Singing Homestar Transcript

MATT: {as Homestar Runner} {singing} You're the best around! Dubba dubba dubba da, take me down! You're the best around! Dubba dubba dubba da, take me down! {talking} Now, I'd like to do the song from the studying montage from Real Genius. It's like {singing} "Number one is a hard time in the making {imitating echo} in the making in the making. I did {imitating echo} I did my best {imitating echo} my best for all for all the rest. Right?

RYAN STERRITT: There's like 9 of them out there!


[edit] Blind Homestar Transcript

MATT: {as Homestar Runner} It's all over, It's true, Mike. Oh! {Homestar turns around and we see he has no eyes} I... I can hear you all... I... Where are you guys? {crying} Oh no. Li'l Brudder! {the audience bursts into cheers and applause) If only I could see you now! You give me guidance in my darkest hour. {looks at Mike} I need the Autobot matrix.

{Mike gets up and puts one of Homestar's eyes on him, sideways}

MATT: {as Homestar Runner} Ooh, ooh, oh! No depth perception. {Mike puts the other eye on, also sideways} Ooh, oh, AAH! AAH! You guys all look... I'm... Chinese...

RYAN STERRITT: Yeah, you can see how {inaudible}

MATT: {as Homestar Runner} This hurts, Mike. Everybody's inside-out. Alright. Shoo. Bye.

MIKE: That's enough.

MATT: {as Homestar Runner} Nobody wants to come talk to me, I'm outta here. I'm outta here you guys! {Matt takes off the puppet, audience groans}

MIKE: Somebody come and talk to him!

MATT: The puppet will be back later.

[edit] Strong Bad Transcript

MATT: {as Strong Bad} You guys... Hello peoples in the place to be, I want to thank you for coming down, you've been great. All you ladies, you look very nice. I'll be in the... I'll be in this tiny room over here {points offstage} afterwards, come form a line... This is how we do it after these sorta things. Ah... Austin... Boston...

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Yo, how do you type with boxing gloves on?

MATT: {as Strong Bad} I'm gonna kill you. {audience laughs}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema occasionally shows some clips from the movies in lieu of more traditional "Please turn off your cellphones and pagers" messages.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Real Genius is a movie made in 1985. Lazlo Hollyfeld is a character in the movie played by Jon Gries.
  • The Autobot Matrix, from Transformers, is an object containing the combined wisdom and knowledge of all previous Autobot leaders. It is passed from one leader to their successor.

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(Note: All video clips used Quicktime.)

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