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"Another green salad, another iced tea..."


About Me

Hi, my name is Nebulon. You might have seen me in The Cheat's videos, or maybe if you ever played that game. I get around...


Green salad and iced tea are two of my favorite things in the world. They're kind of hard to find on the Moon, though, so you might run into me at the concession stand stocking up every now and again...

I enjoy long walks on the moon. To relieve stress, I've taken to working out and practicing martial arts, Nebulon style. Lately, I've been defending the moon by occasionally spewing orange thingies out of my mouth. Did you know those things hurt? I can blow people around, too...pretty cool, huh? I gotta pick my fights better though...last time I got both my eyes bruised; those things don't heal easily.

Floating around in space gets boring though, so I've taken to proofreading the subtitles here for accuracy and readability. Occasionally I'll edit something else too.

Image:Nebulon_floater_2.png Image:Nebulon diaper.PNG Image:Cardboardulon.png Image:Homestarneb1sleepers.PNG

Everybody Loves Nebulon Style

The Cheat and Strong Bad are just jealous. Seriously. They can't fly around and blow stuff at people.

Show your support for Nebulon style with our inner tube and slipper lines! With diapers for the younger Nebulon fashionista, and our very own Nebulon-themed decorations, what more could you need? Trick yourself out with the latest Nebulon style, available at your local Concession Stand!

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