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==Hellote Everypeoples==

Hello, greetings, what's up, etc.,etc., etc. I am a a big book, film, and cartoon fan. I hope to have my own cartoon site someday, but alas, I am lacking in the animation software department. I have a whole cartoon series I've been working on for years, so I'm not worried material-wise. (I'm not telling you though, you might steal my ideas.) I enjoy making stop motion and live action videos as well.

==How I Became A H*R Fan==

I found out about Homestar when my babysitter showed it to me a couple of years ago. I kind of forgot about it, but then one of my friends showed it to me, and thought it was cool for a while. I lost interest in it for a while, but a couple months ago I refound interest in it and I'm now a major H*R fan/nerd.

==Other Homestar Related Stuff==

My favorite characters are (in no particular order) Homestar, Homsar, Strong Sad, Strong Bad, Bubs and Coach Z. I hope to have an email featured answered by the Wrestleman himself. I think I'm going to be an H*R guy for halloween next year, but I haven't decided who to be yet. Also, I have made Lego likenesses of Atari Homestar and Strong Bad on my computer.

==Where Else You Might Know Me From==

You might know me as the user Kittyboy96 on Lego's website, or MrKitty96 on youtube.

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