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Hey Everybody. I'm Gir007.But ya'll can call me Zaak.I play World of Warcraft and if ya wanna chat, I'm Varanos, Maarshmallow, or Spaide on the Alliance side of Malygos realm.Here's a Gir/James Bond Pic for u peeps.But it seems I cant.Someone help me do this.--Gir007 00:34, 13 February 2006 (UTC)Zaak File:Gir6Yeah so, I figured it ALL OUT. Just go to Uploaded Images, hen sleect "Gir6" by Gir007. Thanks alot everybody. and remember, Send Strong Bad e-mails for the heck of it.

Yeah so this is my main page, yet I can't get any pics on it.Which sucks.=P

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