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portrait of a soul

or something

Not very many people love the evin290 He's not as terrific of an athlete as you might think

Czec out all my contribulations.


Homestar Stuff

Favorite Homestar Toon: Senor Mortgage Favorite Strong Bad Emails: virus, montage, for kids, different town, the bet, caffeine, mile, stunt double, crazy cartoon, interview, dragon, japanese cartoon. Favorite Character: Homsar Favorite Game: Shploitz Favorite Songs: Different Town, Because It's Midnite, Secret Song

Non-Homestar Stuff

Interests: Computers/Programming, Languages, Mathematics, Music/Composing, Theater/Musicals Non-Homestar Internet Likes: Starsphere (Kinda Went Bye-Bye,) Neopets (I know what you're gonna say,) Muffin Films Current Programming Languages: Visual Basic for Application (VBA Excel - Very good at this one!)Python (a bit,) javascript (a bit,) Perl (not too much,) HTML (not really a programming language,) PHP (Pretty much useless)

Some fun stuff

Toying with Language

I had a website a while back with hundreds of languages listed. It stated how to say a single useful sentence in all of these languages. Bear with me because I was very young. The sentence was "The monkeys are eating me"

  • Spanish: Los monos me están comiendo
  • French: Les singes me mangent
  • Italian: Le scimmie stanno mangiandolo
  • German: Die Affen essen mich
  • Portuguese: Os macacos estão comendo-me
  • Dutch: De apen eten me
  • Greek: Οι πίθηκοι με τρώνε
  • Russian: Обезьяны едят меня
  • Norwegian: Apekattene eter meg
  • Arabic: تأكلني القرود
  • Polish: maŁpa je mnie (singular monkey)

The website broke down, and I didn't save the files so I don't have the rest of the translations :-(

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