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user@users-desktop:~$ nano welcome_userpage.txt
GNU nano 2.0.9

Dear User Page, I am feeling fine. How are you?
Here's a little about me if you forgotten; I'm A guy who lives in Madison, WI. With hair of slight brown, and eyes of hazel, I am also mostly confused.

Birth Day: 9/19
Likes: Anime, Pizza, RPGs.
Dislikes: My Mother (Seriously.)


1. Shoot'em Up Games
2. The Fowl Stench, of Wet Dog.
3. MMO Games that are not RPGs.
4. Fanboys
5. Overused quotes that no longer have a meaning.
6. April Fools
7. Web Comics that fail to be funny.
8. Leet speak
9. Linux Printer Compatibility
10. High Priced Products like Adobe Software.


  • This user may become rude for no reason.

Fun Facts

  • This user has been Pirated Software Free since Dethember '07; and is not living down that mess again.
  • This user likes ReactOS ([1]), but wishes it was more stable.

Favorite Quotes

Some favorite quotes from the website.

  • POOPSMITH: The thought of all those sbemails makes me weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak!
  • HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, right. It's Dot Com!"
  • STRONG SAD: {voiceover} Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ah-ha-ha-ha!

Some Userboxes

These are userboxes I've attempted to make. If you want to use them, please do so. There may be variations to each.

Sample Source
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#F5F5F5 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#FF0000 | code=<? | msg=This user understands [[Wikipedia:Web Programming Language Here|A Web Programming Language]].}}
{{userbox | border=#4E9A06 | mainbkgd=#D3D7CF | codebkgd=#EEEEEC | codecolor=#4E9A06 | code=[[Image:Checkmark.png|43px]] | msg=This user's page is valid.}}
{{userbox | border=navy | mainbkgd=lightsteelblue | codebkgd=lightgray | codecolor=black | code=[[Image:Flag_of_Wisconsin.png|47px]] | msg=This user lives in '''[[Wikipedia:Wisconsin|Wisconsin]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#333333 | codebkgd=#555555 | codecolor=gold | code=NG | msg=<span style="color:gold;">This user has a '''Newgrounds Account'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#ED9121 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#000000 | code=[[Image:sbemail33.PNG|43px]] | msg=This user likes it when '''big things happen'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#FFFFFF | codebkgd=#000000 | codecolor=#FFFFFF | code=[[Image:GatewayMouse.JPG|47px]] | msg=This user likes '''Gateway Computers'''.}}

Variations to Web Programming

Here are some variations to the Web Programming Userbox. There are more, like JavaScript and JAVA. Feel free to edit it to how you want.

Sample Source
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#F5F5F5 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#FF0000 | code=</ | msg=This user understands [[Wikipedia:HTML|HTML]].}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#F5F5F5 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#FF0000 | code=<% | msg=This user understands [[Wikipedia:Active_Server_Pages|ASP]].}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#F5F5F5 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#FF0000 | code=<span style="font-size:14px;"><?php</span> | msg=This user understands [[Wikipedia:PHP|PHP]].}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#F5F5F5 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#FF0000 | code=<? | msg=This user understands [[Wikipedia:XML|XML]].}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#F5F5F5 | codebkgd=#FFFFFF | codecolor=#FF0000 | code=<span style="font-size:14px;">.class</span> | msg=This user understands [[Wikipedia:Cascading Style Sheets|CSS]].}}

Variations to Other Boxes

These are variations to other userboxes that may have not been made by me.

Sample Source
{{userbox | border=#7B6542 | mainbkgd=#EFEBDE | codebkgd=#F7F3DE | codecolor=#0036ff | code=[[Image:ubuntu.png|40px]] | msg=This user uses '''[[Wikipedia:Ubuntu|<span style="color:red;">Ubuntu</span>]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#333333 | codebkgd=#000000 | codecolor=#ffffff | code=#! | msg=<span style="color:#FFF;">This user uses '''[[Wikipedia:CrunchBang Linux|<span style="color:white;">CrunchBang Linux</span>]]'''.</span>}}

External Links

See Also

You guys may wanna check some of this stuff.

Windows Only

  • AVG Free - Get AVG Anti-Virus Free 8, basic protection. No trials, plainly free (left column on this page)
  • ZoneAlarm - Click Start Download Now under Basic Protection over on the left. This page is REAL Hard to find, since it isn't a worthless 15-day trial, it's a REAL Free Edition.
  • Infra Recorder - A free open-source Disc Burner.
  • K-Lite Codec Package - Why pay when you can get this bad boy? Includes ffmpeg, ffdshow, divX, etc. All of which will integrate into WMP11. Also has Haali Media Splitter to play OGG Files.


  • - Free Office Suite, pretty good for a freebie. Although the download sze is HUUUUUUUDGE, err, huge.
  • - Free Open Source Extraction/Compression Utility (Doesn't Extract ARC Files, even though it says it can.)
  • Pidgin - Open-Source and Lightweight Multi-Protocol IM Client (Sorry, no Audio/Video Support, nor background sharing, etc. Good ol' MSNM 5 users should use this baby.)

Linux Only

  • Nothing but us chickens!

Not Applicable

  • ReactOS - From Scratch and Open-Source - The Free Windows OS, Alpha Stages though.
  • OvBB - A free mimicry of vBulletin 2 in Alpha Stages, no longer in development.

Recent Fanstuff

Note: Some of this may not be on the site as of yet, or will not get on the site ever.

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