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 Hello I'm a pretty cool guy!

I have something cool to tell you. On Homestar talker make him say PomPom and Strongbad are totally going out. Then you can make Strongbad talk.Make him say but homestar can win the stupid competition.

My favorite character is strongbad.My favorite game is homestar talker.My favorite toon is strong bad email for kids. 
 There is two long lost toon's I think they are awesome. They are marshmallows last stand and a jumping jack contest.               

I have gone mad! (not really) That is not what homestar is saying. I just couldn't think of something cool. HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down there is what he is saying.

Ummm.....if you are reading this you are totally awesome. Remember dont eat llamas. My favorie part of is strong bad emails.

Caleb_Rentpayer.png Yes. I am cool Mr.Potato. So don't lick that pie!

                                                         For some weird reason this is the only picture i can get.
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