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King of Town Select Food is the collection of products that are chosen by The King of Town for primary consumption. His diet is odd even by Homestar Runner standards.

Image Appearances Description
the bet Army-Style Mayo

Everyone's favorite military-worthy condiment, Army-Style Mayo is a brand of mayonnaise. Strong Bad left an open can of it in the King of Town's ventilation ducts as a practical joke.

File:potatoes.jpg the bet Awwww Gratin Potatoes

A bag of Awwww Gratin Potates is stocked by The King Of Town in his pantry. He is particularly proud of the fact that his bag is of the 1983 "vintage." This foodstuff is a spin on the thinly sliced potatoes and cheese dish known as "au gratin."

File:goodgravy.jpg for kids The KOT's Good Gravy

This foodstuff is found in an Easter Egg. Click on the words "Good gravy" to see the King Of Town's new food product.

The label reads:

the KOT's 
Good Gravy
"I don't lets the 
Poopsmith near it!"
104 oz.
Butter-da the bet Butter-da

Butter-da is likely just for automotive use, but The King of Town enjoys it and advertises it as a "soda." Its tagline is "They tells me not to, but I still drinks it!"

"Butter-da is noh hush a bush push leopold."

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