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[edit] Shut Up Lady

Shut Up Lady is also in the cartoon. Wolf O'Donnel 19:00, 6 August 2021 (UTC)

[edit] Game modification

The Strongbadia flag replaced the flag of Ireland

Edit: Nevermind, already in the article, sorry.

[edit] Sixers

The members if the Oology division of IOI, the evil corporation in the book Ready Player One, are called Sixers by the people searching for James Halliday's Easter Egg because all of their employee numbers begin with the number 6. They use nefarious and illegal methods to try and get the Easter egg, which is part of a contest to win real money, so banning them would make a lot of sense.

More likely a reference to the 76ers basketball team
Maybe, but given how the book is full of 80s movie and video game references, which are Strong Bad's schtick, the Ready Player One reference is just as likely. Also, many of said references are central to the book's storyline.

[edit] ...'n a biscuit.

The "Two bacons and a biscuit" line sounds kinda like "Two breads in a biscuit" from Summer Short Shorts.

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