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For the wiki subtitles project, see HRWiki:Subtitles.
"Yeah, I'm The Cheat."

From time to time, subtitles are used in the Homestar Runner cartoons to translate unintelligible speech, as well as musical sing-a-longs.



  • Email mascot — The CGNU fight song Strong Bad sings is subtitled.
  • KaraokeFun — All of the songs are subtitled.
  • Email for kids — Both the introduction song for "Whaddya Know Haddi-man" and the "Stave It Off" song are subtitled.
  • Email rock opera — During the rock opera, all of the words included into the song are subtitled.
  • Trogday 08 — During the length of the actual song, when naming off letters, subtitles appear to show the word Strong Bad mentions.
  • On Break — The song Homestar sings to the freshmen is subtitled.
  • Record Store DayThe B-est of B-sides' music video contains subtitles for the lyrics.
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