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Fuck, this is totally unfair!!!! TOTALLY FUCKING UNFAIR!!!! I've been FUCKING blocked by some people I adore, and I fucking hate it! I'm a MOTHERFUCKING harmless adult, and I can't fucking tolerate with being mocked or hated by anyone else in this fucking world! Also, I FUCKING hate Sweden in left-hand traffic before 1967, and I fucking hate "Håll dej till höger, Svensson" so fucking much! It's FUCKING unfair! Also, I fucking hate Scotty Arsenault so much because he's a very strict guy and made his cunty webcomic Commander Kitty after 2009 a new design having Kitty and Nin Wah with footwears on! I fucking hate Eric Blumrich, because he's a cunthole and he's motherfucking indifferent! I fucking hate Brexit and I fucking hate the UK not being a member of the EU or the EFTA so fucking much! I fucking hate the cunty extended hiatus of Homestar Runner from 2011 to 2014 so much, and I fucking hate the Brothers Chaps so much, and I fucking hate Homestar Runner Wiki so much, and I got banned from there! Also, I FUCKING hate to be blocked by e.g. TamerKoh, because I'm a FUCKING HARMLESS guy, and I fucking hate being a motherfucking harassment so much! I fucking hate that shithead named TheGunheart so much, because he's a FUCKING Satanist cunt who only FUCKING loves Commander Kitty after 2009! I fucking hate South Park and the episode "Cartoon Wars", and FUCK TREY PARKER AND MATT STONE, because they're both shits! I also FUCKING hate the Swedish actor Peter Kjellström, because he's a fucking piece of shit and he acts like a fucking dictator with the Swedish version of the Simpsons Movie! I fucking hate the Swedish government making Sweden NOT having an embassy in Belgium and accredited only in Stockholm, and I fucking hate it! Ruskova on FurAffinity is a MOTHERFUCKING CUNT, and I fucking hate that shitguy! I fucking hate my life so much, and I fucking hate being so MOTHERFUCKING blocked by anyone I adore! I swear on FUCKING God that I hate my FUCKING brutal Satanist enemies so fucking much! I went on an EVIL senior high school in Sweden called Salbohed, and I fucking hate it so much! I fucking hate to be hated by any people, and I fucking hate it so much! Why the FUCK did this happen to this FUCKING cruel world!!!??? I fucking want Scotty Arsenault and EVEN Eric Blumrich dead! I fucking hate filmjölk, I fucking hate everything that is TOTALLY FUCKING UNFAIR! What the FUCK is that fucking world doing now!? I FUCKING HATE THIS MOTHERFUCKING CRUEL WORLD AND I FUCKING HATE SATANISTS SO MUCH AND I FUCKING HATE SOUTH PARK SO MUCH AND I FUCKING HATE SCOTTY MOTHERFUCKING ARSENAULT AND I FUCKING HATE ERIC MOTHERFUCKING BLUMRICH AND I FUCKING HATE THEGUNHEART AND I FUCKING HATE SWEDISH SATANISTS SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALSO FUCKING HATE HOMESTAR MOTHERFUCKING RUNNER AND THAT FUCKING EXTENDED HIATUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maad Maad Al-Gabban (a.k.a Maudi Algabban)


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