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They did a great jorb building this thing.
Score Show-a
More different Score Show-a
0 to WHAT?

There are two scoreboards that have appeared; one in The Athletic Field and one in the Gymnasium.

The athletic field scoreboard is a simple black scoreboard on two poles. It first appeared in In Search of the Yello Dello, and then later in A Jorb Well Done. It has made a few appearances since then.

The gymnasium scoreboard is gray and hangs on the wall, and it is labeled "Score Show-a". It was first shown in montage, where it was used to keep score during the Champeenship. A slightly different version of the gymnasium scoreboard appears in One Two, One Two. This version has a speaker, and it also has the time placed above the score, instead of below. It appeared again in the Strong Bad Email the paper, suggesting that it may be the new scoreboard.

Irregular Scores

Sometimes the scoreboards display irregular scores. These include negative numbers, letters and even symbols.

  • Email montage — One of the scores changes to -1.
  • Email lady fan — The score changes to -1, then to -51.
  • Email candy product — The score is 0 for CGNU to "R" for TECH.
  • Email the paper — The score is "?" to "$". Then, in an Easter egg, the "?" changes to "G".
  • Email yes, wrestling — The home team has a score of "?". The Flash file shows the other score as "$".
  • Where U Goin' 2? — Both scores display an orange flame during The Cheat's lay-up drills.


Athletic Field Scoreboard

Gymnasium Scoreboard

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