Nintendo Voice Chat Interview - 3 Sep 2008

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Strong Bad did a call-in interview with Daemon Hatfield on episode 21 of IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

Running Time: 1:35:05. Interview starts at 56:10.



DAEMON: All right, well now we have a very special guest here. We have Strong Bad, on the line. Strong Bad, thank you for taking time out of your busy game development schedule to talk with us today.

STRONG BAD: What? I was asleep.

DAEMON: {laughs}

STRONG BAD: You woke me up. I'm busy sleeping.

DAEMON: Yeah, I know— so, I know you're a busy guy, we're gonna try not to take up too much of your time. We just have a few questions about the second episode of your game, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, first one already came out — got rave reviews — I'm sure you're pleased with that.

STRONG BAD: Of course!

DAEMON: Has your life changed at all now? I mean, you're kind of like a huge celebrity now— you were already a celebrity but now, you know, you're kind of like the super celebrity status, right?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, except, I did notice that the video game hasn't increased the amount of hot chicks that come my way.

DAEMON: Oh really?

STRONG BAD: It pretty much— that pretty much stayed even, I don't think video games are on their radar so much.

DAEMON: Well you probably had more hot chicks than you can handle already right?

STRONG BAD: It's true. It's true.

DAEMON: Don't want to go— don't want to over-exert yourself.

STRONG BAD: Exactly, a guy like me, I gotta pick my battles, you know?

DAEMON: {laughs} All right, let's talk about episode two, so what are the goals of the new game?

STRONG BAD: Uh, you know like to— to— to let you gamer types, uh, take a tiny walk in my shoes. To get a little taste of what its like to walk a mile in Strong Bad's shoes. But, uh, to tell you the truth my shoes, uh, they don't smell very good. Or taste very good after — after walking a mile in them. As my little brother can attest cause I like to shove them in his mouth when I come back from walking a mile. He's not too psyched about the taste.

DAEMON: So this'll be another point and click game, so it should control very similiarly to the first, right?

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Well, I like to call it "point and mash", cause you know, like with all video games, you mash buttons on the controller, so it's a new kind— it's not just point and click adventure game, it's a point and mash adventure game, which I think has a much better ring to it.

DAEMON: Uh, so how long will the uh— about how long will the adventure be?

STRONG BAD: Uh, I'm not sure, but when they sent me a copy of the game, you know, to play on my Lappy, it came on eight 3.5" floppy disks, and like twenty-two 5.25" disks. So, depending on how old school you are, uh, if you're sorta old school, the game is twenty-eight inches long, and then if you're really old school, you know, you put all the 5.25" side by side, and it's a hundred and fifteen and a half inches long. {pause} That's pretty long, you know?

DAEMON: I know, right. So episode two will be available this month, September, right?

STRONG BAD: It better be!

DAEMON: Can you give us the gist of the story this time.

STRONG BAD: Uh, well this one's all about me finally oversurping the King of Town's greasy, chicken, fried chicken, fried steak stained rule over Free Country, USA. And I either— like I either oversurp him or underthrow him. One of those revolutionary styles, I can't remember.

DAEMON: {laughs} Now this is an episodic series, how many episodes are in the first— you know— the Game for Attractive People?

STRONG BAD: {flatly} How many episodes?

DAEMON: Mmhmm.

STRONG BAD: You woke me up at five o'clock in the afternoon, to ask me "How many episodes?" so I could tell you the word "Five".

DAEMON: You should talk to your publicist, some of these questions I think they inserted in here.

STRONG BAD: You're a pulitzer prize winning journalist my friend, {Daemon laughs} I tell you that.

DAEMON: You're not the first person to tell me that. Uh, who else from the Free Country, USA will be in these games?

STRONG BAD: Man, everybody freakin' squeezled their way into the game. I like— I turn around and all of a sudden, like all the guys are in the game. And I wanted this to be like, my solo album, you know, like where I'm the last beefy space marine, on a deserted moon base, fighting my way through a bunch of other beefy last space marines.

DAEMON: That sounds awesome.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, exactly. That's the game of the year, right there. I gotta write that down and tell Telltale to go get to work!

DAEMON: Who do you think's better at making games, Telltale or Videlectrix?

STRONG BAD: Oh, you know that's kind of a sensitive question. I think they both have different fortés you know, like— well in fact Videlectrix doesn't even have a forté, they've got a fiveté {Daemon laughs} and their fiveté is all about the blocky stocky stuff. And then Telltale likes the walky talky stuff.

DAEMON: {laughs} So are you gonna be answering new fan emails in the next episode?

STRONG BAD: Well, you know, we wished we could answer real fan mails in the episodes, but uh, the grammar and spelling were so bad, that we had to change the names to protect the innocent. {Daemon laughs} Like you seventh grade english teacher would probably come arrest you if we put your real name in the game with that kind of spelling and grammar.

DAEMON: Well the first— episode one had a Super Secret Forbidden mode. Will episode two have something like that as well?

STRONG BAD: Well, Super Secret Forbidden mode, that's what I call it when I play video games on the couch in nothing but a towel, fresh from the shower. I encourage everybody to play the game in Super Secret Forbidden mode.

DAEMON: Would you say that, for most people, playing your games will help their chances with the ladies?

STRONG BAD: {sarcastically} Playing video games to help them with the ladies. Um, well, do you think that only hanging out with your dude friends drinkin' cold ones and like, watching ultimate fighting will make, you know your wife and three kids happy?

DAEMON: {laughs}

STRONG BAD: That's a really good question, man.

DAEMON: {laughs}


DAEMON: When you play the game, do you wear your boxing gloves?

STRONG BAD: Well, you know we knew, as always, we knew a bunch of people would be asking "How do you play the game with boxing gloves on?" so that's why we went with the point and mash gameplay, cause uh, you know that way we shut everybody up. Because there's no question if you're just pointing and mashing, even morons everywhere in their parents' basements can point and mash wearing boxing gloves, playing the game by themselves.

DAEMON: Now, you obviously have your pulse on the video game industry. What publications do you read to keep abreast of all the latest gaming news?

STRONG BAD: I have my pulse on it? Like my heart— you mean like my heart is like a video game? Like I'm a cyborg?! Dude, if you want to start a rumor that I'm a cyborg, you are welcome to it. You should blog about that all day. "Strong Bad's pulse is a video game — pulse. He's a cyborg. Headlines."

DAEMON: Well, you've previously existed mostly in 2D, but in the game you're presented in 3D. Was it hard making that transition?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, of course. Jumping to floating platforms is like impossible now! Like it used to just be, "jump right", or "leap to the left". Now there's all this depth in the way, and I keep falling off. As far as I'm concerned, the only good depth is depths charges, which I hope they put into this game.

DAEMON: Uh, you like to sing. You have a great voice. You have a song in the first game. Do you have any vocal warmups to prepare for these numbers?

STRONG BAD: Vocal warmups? I thought we were talking about video games. Hey, let me ask you an equally unrelated question. To what PSI do you inflate your tires?

DAEMON: {laughs} I see your point. Uh, so obviously your game is chocked full of bump mapping and normal mapping — are there any other types of mapping you're not able to incorporate in the games?

STRONG BAD: Yes. Rump-mapping. My butt is extremely important in this game, and Telltale, they couldn't even get it right! My game butt looks way worse than my real life butt. Like, they tried— they had to rent a NASA computer to try and calculate all the mass in my butt, and that couldn't even do it, so they had to nix it from the game.

DAEMON: Now, you've been very vocal about the fact that you are not a fan of Snake Boxer IV. What specifically was it you didn't care for about that game?

STRONG BAD: Oh, you mean Snake Boxer IV, Lady Snake Parade? {Daemon laughs} Look man, the only reason that game sold at all was because they drew a bunch of hot snakes on the cover, so people were like "Oh I get to play a buncha hot snakes" you know. But then once you turn the game on, you're only sorta attracted to the jaggedy blue rectangle that was chagglin' across the screen. With that being said, the pink jaggedy rectangles— were pure hotness.

DAEMON: Your abs are really impressive— in the game. You've obviously— you've been taking care of yourself. Have you been using Wii Fit?

STRONG BAD: Uh, yeah, I've been using Wii Fit for the same thing every other guy in the world is using it for. To trick their girlfriends into playing video games. Thanks Nintendo!

DAEMON: {laughs} Now, will your future titles be using Wii Motion Plus technology? Nintendo just announced this at their E3 press conference.

STRONG BAD: Oh man, I hope so. Like, can you imagine one-to-one wedgies, or one-to-one the bird flipping? Or like, one-to-one one-to-one'ing? I mean that's like, if video games from the future went back to the past to change the outcome of the future so their video games would be even cooler. That's that technology.


STRONG BAD: Wrap your brains around that one.

DAEMON: {laughs} Maybe uh, give them a moment to process that. Strong Bad, thanks for taking time to talk with us today. We loved the first game, and can't wait to play the second one.

STRONG BAD: Thanks a lot, I'm gonna pass out now.

DAEMON: All right.

Fun Facts


  • The Wii MotionPlus is an accessory for the Wii remote that allows it to track movements more quickly and accurately. Marketing for the accessory frequently includes the phrase one-to-one (1:1) to describe the increased responsiveness it provides.
  • Wii Fit is a game from Nintendo that encourages fitness by playing games using the Wii Balance Board. There is a sequel named Wii Fit Plus.

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