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"What's the big idea workin' on Labors Day?"

Homestar Runner makes sure that The Cheat won't work on Labor Day.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet The Cheat, Puppet Homestar Runner, Puppet Frank Bennedetto

Date: September 6, 2004



{Ten chickens are assembled like bowling pins. A bowling ball strikes all of them with an explosion sound and "Hit 'em!" appears on screen. Shows that it is actually The Cheat making a movie. The screen in front of The Cheat shows a farmer say stee-rike in a speech bubble.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {runs in}. Alright yellow man! {hits The Cheat with wooden spoon} What's the big idea workin' on Labors Day?

THE CHEAT: {says something}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Third-style Private Bennedetto and I are out making sure nobody or their brother does any type of work at all today!

THE CHEAT: {says something}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Stand down, citizen. You wanna have to give me five bucks?

THE CHEAT: {says something in inqusitive voice}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Todaybor Day is a Labor Day! Say it with me now, on three! Once, twice, three!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {with The Cheat saying it with him} {banner appears reading Todaybor Day is Labor Day!} Todaybor Day is a Labor-

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Bennedetto starts popping some popcorn, surprising Homestar and The Cheat} Woh! Wah! Bennedetto! Did you get ahold of some bad corn-style rations? Keep that mess down, soldier! Keep it down! Crap! Crap! No! The Cheat, run for your life!

{"Happy Labor Day!!" appears on a blue screen with some popcorn. Cut back to Homestar, The Cheat, and Bennedetto}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Eating some popcorn} Hey, this stuff's pretty good! Nice upchuck, Bennedetto!

{"Ended." appears on red background with some popcorn}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing, voiceover} Todaybor Day is Labor Daybor! Todaybor Day is Labor Daybor! Todaybor Day is Labor Daybor! Todaybor Day is a Labor Daybor! Todaybor Day! Labor Day! Daybor Day! Labor Day! Come on everybody it's Labor Day! Come on everybody it's a Labor Day!

Easter Eggs

  • Click on different popcorn at the end to see some bowling animations by The Cheat. (You can't click on them until Homestar Runner is done with his little tune) There are five in all.

Fun Facts

  • Homestar's wooden spoon is drawn in; it would be hard to make it float in midair in front of homestar for real.
  • Frank, presumed dead (army), is now revealed to be alive.
  • This toon was called Labor Day when it originally premiered.
  • It appears that The Cheat is making toons for use on bowling automatic scorers. Some scorers play such animations when someone gets a strike, spare, split, etc....

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