Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club

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This looks suspiciously like the side of Bubs' Concession Stand.

Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club is a comedy club that Bubs set up for the Halloween Fairstival. He tells cliché jokes about how women can't drive and the music of ten years ago was terrible. Strong Bad takes The Cheat here to laugh his hiccups out, which does not have any effect on them. Strong Bad notices that it is just the side of the concession stand. Strong Mad ignores this fact, however, and thinks Bubs is hilarious.

Even though Strong Bad makes fun of Bubs for telling jokes at the side of his concession stand, he is later seen doing the same thing in theme song, although the neon sign is gone.

Strong Sad's Poetry Slam

"The quill, the page..."

The location for Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club is also used for Strong Sad's Poetry Slam contest in the email "rampage", though the only audience members seem to be Marzipan and Homsar. Strong Sad, as far as we know, is the only contestant.

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