Baby Lady & Her Baby

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The Baby Lady

Amazing, 16-color graphics!
From the movie trailer

The Baby Lady is first seen in Peasant's Quest Preview. She sits there rocking in her chair as the camera zooms in on her. In the actual game, Peasant's Quest, you can find her in a hut; she tells you that something odd is in one of the bushes out side and she tells you that her husband was crushed by Trogdor (which is a reference to TROGDOR! the game). She asks you to get her insurance riches back from Jhonka.In the movie trailer she is played by Jackie Chapman.

The Baby

So much potential...
Throw baby!!! (From The Movie Trailer)

The Baby is the apparent child of the Baby Lady, but after giving the Baby Lady what she wants, it is revealed that she may not be this baby's mother.

Rather Dashing acquires this baby and becomes his "father", using the child to accomplish his quest. It will live with being thrown into a lake, lowered into a well, and handed over to a pill-forcing stranger, but once it gets shoved into a cottage, The Baby takes off. When he grows up he develops a mead problem, blames Rather Dashing for never being there for him, and eventually stops writing.

Filmographies (both)

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