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'''Debut:''' email [[yes, wrestling]]
'''Debut:''' Email [[yes, wrestling]]

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All World Mid-Pro Shirtless Championship Entertainment

The All World Mid-Pro Shirtless Championship Entertainment wrestling league (often shortened to AWMPSCE) is "cable access's longest named wrestling organization" featured in the email yes, wrestling. This league contains both solo and tag-team wrestling matches, and features ranks such as "fizzleweight" and special "Pay Per Viewvor Series" events.

Known Members

Known Teams

  • Strong Bad and Strong Mad
    • The Wild Vacationers, The Foreign Object Bros., The Sanctum of Spiky Shoulder Pads (Arby and Rax), The Facepaint Connection
  • Homestar Runner (as The Jack-Em-Up Kid) and Gary the Legend
    • (name unknown)


Debut: Email yes, wrestling

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