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[edit] Welcome

Hello, Rockstar runner. Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Before you do any significant editing, be sure to familiarize yourself with our wiki standards.
  • You can also post questions on the FAQ talk page.
  • If you need general information, editing tips, or answers to frequently asked questions, check out the help page.
  • If you're not sure what you can do to help out, head over to The Stick.
  • If you're looking for more community interaction, you can also register over at our forum.
  • Above all, be sure to have fun!

A couple of your recent edits did not quite conform to the standards. Be sure to look those over closely. Again, welcome! (Also, feel free to delete this message once you've explored all the links above. This talk page is yours, after all.)

It's dot com 23:12, 12 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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