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Hey, I've noticed you've done a lot of edits concerning Easter eggs on the DVDs. On most of them, you say you access the Easter egg by "clicking". I don't own any of the DVDs, so I don't really know how any of the Easter eggs work, but "clicking" doesn't seem like the best way to describe something on a DVD player. But I didn't want to change any of your edits, since I don't really know how to correct them.--.Johnny Jupiter! talk cont 04:54, 13 January 2011 (UTC)

Reply: Good point! I am using a computer to view the DVD's which makes it a lot easier to find the Easter eggs, but going forward I will use the word "select" instead of "click" to cover DVD players as well. Feel free to change any previous entry where I typed "click" with "select". Please also be aware that the hidden Strong Bad logos will not be available in "play all" modes (this is actually noted on the inside cover of the DVD holder).

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