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Please stop trying to add false "references" to Where's The Cheat? The reasons I'm deleting them are as follows:

  • Strong Bad uses Pom Pom cell in the bird.
    • Actually, he uses Pom Pom's Pom Pilot. And Inside References are backward references only - that is, references to EARLIER cartoons. "Where's The Cheat" came out BEFORE "the bird".
  • This is one of the toons where the Fourth Wall Breaks. It also breaks in Homestar Presents: Presents.
    • We already have a page for this.
  • When Strong Bad says he kills Pom Pom in a game of badmitton, it could be a reference to army.
    • Again, backward references only.
  • "You shanked my jengaship!" is probabally a reference to caffeine.
    • Not only is this a forward reference, but I don't even see a connection. --Jay stuck at home (Talk) 03:52, 22 May 2005 (UTC)

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