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Somebody is a user of HRWiki.

[edit] Myself, basically.

I have been a fan of Homestar Runner for a long time. I am 10, now. When I was 4, I couldn't stop reading the Strongest Man in the World children's book. It made me laugh when I noticed Homestar had no arms. I followed along with Homestar Runner, but I became obsessed with it when the Strong Bad Emails came out. At first, some kinda robot was kind of boring. But, homsar really made me laugh. I also thought Homsar's voice was kind of funny. So, I kept following along, and I spent most of my time on the website. I had always thought of The Brothers Chaps as "gods" to me. Some of my favorite new toons are Drive-Thru, your funeral, and strong badathlon. And, when I get a Wii, I'll probably download the Wii Games. Basically, I'm a Homestaraholic.

The only things I'm going to tell you about myself are that my name is Jacob, I'm 10 years of age, I like rock music, and I like Homestar. That's all I'm going to tell you because some of you might be dangerous people. No offense. Seriously, do YOU think someone who likes Homestar Runner would be dangerous? I think not.

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