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Real Name: Jessica Wood

Location: Utah, United States

Pastimes: Hanging out with friends, reading, and building/flying model rockets(they're so awesome!!)

Favorite Stuff:

Colors: Blue and Green

Food: Anything Italian

Sport: Soccer (Football for you Europeans)

Homestar Runner character: Bubs

Brand of Toliet paper: Won't even go there. Gross!

How To Contact:

MSN jwood411 (

YAHOO marsgirl404

About Myself

I am a very crazy teenager and a big computer dork. I can play *thinking* 7 different instruments, and am currently learning how to operate Linux for my career. Since you had to ask, it's Computer Programming. I am also learning Japanese. This is the first time I've ever tryed anything with Wiki editing, so, if you want to give me tips, thanks for correcting things, or just slap me for being dead wrong, don't hesitate to do so. I don't blame you.

How I got into Homestar Runner

It was my younger brother. Back in 2004 he showed me a Strong Bad email from "a cool site his friend showed him" and I'd been hooked ever since. The email he showed me was dragon though it wasn't the newest email at the time.

Changes to HRWiki that I have made recently

none at this time

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