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I am Ian Carlson, a man born in the September of 1987, I have autism, and am very high functioning on the spectrum; I was also raised rather roughly by one LuAnn Celia Mueller. I currently live in an apartment building in downtown Madison, WI. I do not have a job, and therefore live entirely on Supplemental Security Income and Supplemental Security Disability Insurance. The government funds my income (along with over 6 million United States residents. This does not count for Social Security income, or other welfare programs.) However, I am currently working for the Dane County Humane Society. It's really the only way I know how to give back to Uncle Sam.

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[edit] Software

Supported No Support Not Applicable
Software Name Open? Free? Type Linux Windows
7-Zip Yes Yes Archiver    
COMODO Firewall/Antivirus No Yes Security    
Libre Office Yes Yes Office Suite    
Open Broadcaster Software Yes Yes Monitor Capture    
Discord No Yes IM Client    
ReactOS Yes Yes OS    
Final Fantasy XIV No (Trial) Video Game    
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[edit] YouTube Channel

The channel I have has no videos for Homestar Runner, as re-broadcasting SBCG4AP is not allowed (See credits, like with Back to the Future: The Game.) However, it does have a plethora of videos relating to Minecraft and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games. You can find my channel on YouTube, here.

[edit] Upcoming HRWiki Stuff

[edit] Holidays

  • April Fools' 2018
Probably not.

[edit] Past HRWiki Stuff

A list of good and bad things that have happened, involving me, on the wiki and fanstuff.

[edit] April Fools

  • 2017 - Userpage replaced with upcoming plans for my youtube channel. (Let's play of FFXIV: Stormbloood.)
  • 2012 - Userpage and Signature changed to hex / base64 encoded versions of themselves.
  • 2011 - Census Taking
  • 2010 - Touhou Styled Userpage / Signature

[edit] Good Things

  • Did the 700,000th Edit (Was merged with another edit into one edit due to them being movement/merge edits.)
  • Created the English subtitles for the Fan Costumes '09 Holiday Toon with some minor difficulties.
  • Created the original template for the Compé e-mail dialog, decompiled and recompiled the background for the Compé menu, and made the SB-Overlay file for use in conjunction with them.

[edit] Bad Things

  • Trolled the wiki various times.
  • Vandalized several pages.
  • Changed my page to have political views against Patents.
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