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[edit] The Hiatus

Don't call it a comeback.

During 2010, after the April Fools' Day toon Xeriouxly Forxe came out (itself the first major update in nearly five months), barely any material was produced on the website. Most of the articles presented on the main page were Store offers. This may be because of a new baby in the family, as noted on the FeedBurner page, and the possibility they were busy working on a different project. For the first time in the site's history, no Halloween cartoon was produced in 2010. After over seven months of no updates, on November 22, Poker Night at the Inventory was released. On December 14, 2010, A Decemberween Mackerel was released, temporarily ending the hiatus. This was shortly followed by Which Ween Costumes? on December 22. Following the holiday break into the new year, the site was back on hiatus, though Puppet Strong Bad did appear at an Aquabats concert in January. There have been no updates since (with the exception of a Store offer), and for the third time in its history since the trend began, the site was not updated for April Fools' Day in any way. In September, Matt created a Twitter account in which he stated that Homestar Runner would sooner be updated "sporadically and without warning", and that he works for the Nickelodeon program Yo Gabba Gabba, for which he had previously created an animated segment. No Halloween toon was released in October. During 2011, Many fans worried that the website was over and done for good, but then April Fools 2014 came out, followed by Fish Eye Lens, Halloween Safety, I Killed Pom Pom, and a Twitter account for Strong Bad. (more...)

[edit] The Announcer

The Announcer

The Announcer's name tells all, as he serves as an announcer or host wherever one is needed. He doesn't really let his personality show through, so we know little of him as a character, except that he does seem to be eager to do his job. He first appeared in the original Homestar Runner children's book, and hasn't really changed much since then. While he rarely actually appears on-screen, his voice (earnest and mostly British) is used all the time. He has a monocle and a mustache, and resembles the members of The Barbershop Trio. (more...)

[edit] Flash

It's Flash!

Flash is the program used by The Brothers Chaps to create the Homestar Runner cartoons and games. It is also the software used by The Cheat to create the Powered by The Cheat cartoons. These games and cartoons can then be played using the Flash Player included with most modern web browsers. Although the program has been renamed Adobe Flash, since Macromedia was bought out by Adobe, the version used by The Brothers Chaps is still attributed to Macromedia. Though The Brothers Chaps generally use a PC to run Flash, The Cheat apparently runs the program on a Tangerine Dreams computer. It was also revealed at Flashforward 2006 (or rather, in the interview before Flashforward 2006) that, at the time, TBC used Flash 5 to create their cartoons. In "Flashday" (a bonus toon for Everything Else Vol. 2), Homestar Runner and Strong Bad celebrate the birthday of Flash 5. (more...)

[edit] Bad Graphics Ghost

Bad graphics, evil graphics!

The Bad Graphics Ghost was spawned by the Tandy 400 to scare Strong Bad as revenge for being thrown out. It has also appeared on the screen of the broken Tandy on the virus-themed Main Page 22, pestering Strong Bad on the strongbad_email.exe Disc Two menu if the viewer waits around long enough (referred to as a "pixel ghost" by Strong Bad himself), and flying behind the pumpkins in Punkin Stencils. In October 2006, a fan's Bad Graphics Ghost pumpkin carving was featured in Weekly Fanstuff. In the Strong Bad Email ghosts, the Bad Graphics Ghost shows up on screen at the end. The viewer can "kill" the ghost by moving the cursor over the pixels. As this is done, the pixels will disappear. If not done quickly enough, the ghost will re-draw itself. The viewer can also kill it by holding the "Tab" key. If successfully killed, the scene changes to Strong Sad in outer space, where he "will sing you a scary song". (more...)

[edit] Schenectady Crispies

"Schenectady Crispies are so freaking good, they taste twice! Once in your mouth, and once in your esophagus!"
Schenectady Crispies is a breakfast cereal that contains "mad chunks of real dough". They debuted as an Easter egg in the Strong Bad Email labor day, but they later appeared in the email the bet, where it is shown that The King of Town likes them, as they are seen stored in his castle. They were named after the sender of the email labor day, who went by the name "Chrispy" and hailed from Schenectady, NY. The slogan used in the commercial Easter Egg in labor day, "I hope I don't get caught!" is likely a reference to cereal commercials that feature a character trying to steal the cereal being advertised, such as Trix and Fruity Pebbles. Strong Bad later endorses Temporarios cereal in much the same way that he advertised Schenectady Crispies in labor day, even employing the same background music, in the email strong badathlon. (more...)

[edit] Breakfast Cereal

Korn Krunch!

Breakfast cereal is a popular food among the Homestar Runner characters and The Brothers Chaps. Toons and Strong Bad Emails often feature both real-life and invented cereal. In fact, if Mike has his way, we may one day see a Homestar Runner breakfast cereal. Perhaps the prominence of cereal in Mike and Matt's work is due to their fond childhood memories of eating cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons and their desire to recreate this lost cultural experience. Strong Bad's EGGS cereal is shown in an Easter egg in morning routine. Schenectady Crispies have appeared in labor day and the bet. Cheat Commandos...O's is a short featuring a cereal of the same name. Corn Krunch cereal was employed by Homestar Runner for cosmetic purposes in death metal. Temporarios cereal was endorsed by Strong Bad in strong badathlon. Many breakfast cereals debuted in specially marked, such as Wheat Chaff, Oh T'Meel, Cripsy Hog Crunchities, Fundament-O's, Fruit Smax, Chocolate Breakfast Candy Bar Pops, Soundy Puffs, Blue Laser Blasts, Sugar Rittled Gunshots in a Crowded Mall, Hypothetic-O's, and Sweet Deals. (more...)

[edit] The Virus

"WAH! I dunno! You forgot to wear your neck?"

The Virus is the collective name of over 400,000 computer viruses that infected the Compy 386 in the Strong Bad email virus. Strong Bad received the virus in the form of a garbled email which he originally assumed had just been eaten by some Linux or something. After realizing it was a "virus email", he attempted to remove the 423,827 viruses detected using his Edgarware anti-virus software. The software was unable to keep up, and the Compy's screen turned to liquid and poured onto the floor. At this point, somehow, the viruses infected the real world as well, resulting in all kinds of physical abnormalities of the environment, and deformations of the characters. The chaos was finally ended when Bubs used his shotgun, transfigured into Homestar's leg by the virus, to destroy the Compy and the viruses along with it. Despite this, the virus did make a reappearance in Main Page 22. (more...)

[edit] Superbowl Dealie


Superbowl Dealie is a Superbowl toon. The toon takes place at the the basement, Where Strong Mad is watching TV, Holding a football, yelling "Take it to the house" over and over again. Strong Bad comes and tells Strong Mad that the Superbowl game has been over for 6 hours, and Strong Bad ends up "taking the football to the house". Homestar comes along and watches Strong Mad. This toon makes references to 20X6 (Because of the page title) and Homestar Runner Peeking. The Paper comes down saying "Due to the big game, the Strong Bad email will be late this week." (more...)

[edit] Super NES

"Homestar,Run Go!"

Super NES is the first animated Homestar Runner cartoon ever. It is made with Mario Paint. It's page title (Super Homestario Bros.) references the original Mario video game. The toon is a music video. The song was used again in Theme Song Video. It is (almost) used again in isp (easter egg), Bug in Mouth Disease, and The King of Town DVD. Mario Paint was a video game made for the Super NES, and upon its initial release was packaged in a larger box with the Super NES Mouse, a two-button peripheral that perfectly emulated a real computer mouse. (The mouse came with its own plastic pad.) A few other Super NES games also worked with the mouse. Mario Paint itself was not so much a game as it was an art program. It worked like similar computer programs marketed for kids, such as Kid Pix. The game let you use the mouse to paint a large 16-color (15 actual colors plus transparency) picture with various tools, as well as place a smaller animation on top of it. It also had a simple music-making mode. One picture, animation, and music track could collectively be saved onto the cartridge's memory. Mario Paint was quite popular for its time, enough so that Nintendo released a Player's Guide shortly after Mario Paint hit stores. This long guide contained information on how to get the most out of the game. (more...)

[edit] Nonsense

Everybody eat a salad dot-com

Negulon (Also known as Decemberween Teen Girl Squad) is an alien who is actually Sickly Sam. He first appeared in Puppet Stuff on January 2th, but he was not named until everybody everybody got Tom Tom. According to Homsar, no one like style. Since then, Puppet Man has made a number of cameo appearances. Wave o' babies! "Well, hello, chocolate cake!" The Movie Theater is where movies aren't never watched. Homestar Runner and Homestar Runner 2 brought no one here to watch a film about Tom Tom. Along with that, the theater has also shown films such as "The Stong Bad Times". The 2015 Homsarday toon, nobody nobody invites the guy over for the Homsar. Watch Stinkoman again! (mort...)

[edit] Doreauxgard

"Hey there, Mr. Strong Bad!"

Doreauxgard is a cantaloupe (stolen by The Cheat from Marzipan) with a pencil-drawn face and said pencil jabbed through its base. He is used by Strong Bad to threaten Bubs in the email "lackey." You can also see the fruit in real life with the Homestar Puppet by finding an Easter egg in the same cartoon. There you see the "Homestar Runner and Doreauxgard Show!" brought to you by Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kit. The Brothers Chaps have also made an actual puppet of Doreauxgard (with a mouth that can open and close), which was not shown on the site until Main Page 25. Based on this and the fact that he has a Quote of the Week character head, there may be more planned for this character. A moldy cantaloupe appeared in the email cliffhangers, but it is unknown whether or not this is actually Doreauxgard. (more...)

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