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I've always wondered this, but exactly how do you get the Atari 2600 version of Duck Pond to work? I've never been able to, ever. --TheNintenGenius 20:10, 21 Oct 2004 (MST)

For reasons unknown, the Atari 2600 version simply does not work at all on some computers. You'll have to find another computer to use. ~Hobo|talk

As it's never worked on any computer I've ever tried, this unfortunately doesn't help me a whole lot. I wish there was specific information on what makes this work and what doesn't. --TheNintenGenius 11:40, 9 Dec 2004 (MST)
I've never had a problemt getting to the Atari version. Very odd - Dr Haggis - Talk 11:53, 9 Dec 2004 (MST)
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