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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for band names. watch this toon
To watch the toon with subtitles, we recommend that you install either the All-In-One Greasemonkey script for Firefox or the Homestar All-In-One extension for Chrome.
It will give you the option to automatically display subtitles when you view toons on and those mirrored locally. Alternatively, you may use our local viewer.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="sbemail16.swf" width="550" height="400">
  <line start="15" end="49" speaker="strongbad"><em>(singing)</em> Who's that giving Strong Bad a hand?</line>
  <line start="53" end="79" speaker="strongbad">Email... Email...</line>
  <line start="80" end="120" speaker="strongbad">"Hey, Strong Bad, Help us come up with a name for our band."</line>
  <line start="120" end="176" speaker="strongbad">"I was thinking about 'invisible robot fish' or 'for good or for awesome.'"</line>
  <line start="176" end="207" speaker="strongbad">"Hurry up please, we have our first show tomorrow."</line>
  <line start="207" end="227" speaker="strongbad">"You rule, Dan"</line>
  <line start="230" end="288" speaker="strongbad">Well, Dan, the easiest way is to, you know, just have a really cool last name and use that.</line>
  <line start="291" end="376" speaker="strongbad">You know like Van Halen, or Dokken, or to a lesser extent,... Z'Nuff.</line>
  <line start="379" end="432" speaker="strongbad">And then the other way is to take a really cool word but then spell it all wrong.</line>
  <line start="434" end="447" speaker="strongbad">You know like... </line>
  <line start="447" end="466" speaker="strongbad">"LAZOR",</line>
  <line start="473" end="495" speaker="strongbad">or</line>
  <line start="495" end="514" speaker="strongbad">"BIGG NIFE",</line>
  <line start="518" end="538" speaker="strongbad">or something like</line>
  <line start="538" end="559" speaker="strongbad">"TARANCHULA",</line>
  <line start="571" end="584" speaker="strongbad">or maybe like</line>
  <line start="585" end="602" speaker="strongbad">"LIMOZEEN".</line>
  <line start="634" end="677" speaker="strongbad">You know, these are all great names. And you know, go ahead and take them.</line>
  <line start="678" end="736" speaker="strongbad">I'm not going to charge you or nothing. Just, uh, put me on the guest list plus one for that show huh?</line>
  <line start="742" end="760" speaker="strongbad">I'll probably take Pom Pom.</line>
  <line start="761" end="788" speaker="strongbad">You know, he's been pretty cool lately.</line>
  <line start="798" end="875" speaker="strongbad">Okay, so tune in next week, when my guests will be Lemmy from Motörhead and the guys from Krokus!</line>
  <line start="876" end="893" speaker="thepaper">Preeeow!</line>
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