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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="sbemail118.swf" width="1000" height="425">
<line start="19" end="78" speaker="strongbad">I got the email, you got the email, I got the email, you got the email.</line>
<line start="82" end="135" speaker="strongbad">"Ert plus, why seven-six P? Ohlyuu eightguh—"</line>
<line start="136" end="184" speaker="strongbad">What is this? Did the quadratic formula explode?</line>
<line start="185" end="270" speaker="strongbad">I see a "Strong ba" in there, but it's getting eaten... by some... Linux or something.</line>
<line start="271" end="313" speaker="strongbad">Wait a minute! Is this one of those virus emails?!</line>
<line start="314" end="354" speaker="strongbad">Like the kind that moms and offshore casinos send you?!</line>
<line start="355" end="374" speaker="strongbad">I'll take care of this!</line>
<line start="384" end="394" speaker="sfx">buzzer</line>
<line start="396" end="420" speaker="strongbad">What?! I said deleted!!</line>
<line start="423" end="433" speaker="sfx">buzzer</line>
<line start="434" end="494" speaker="strongbad">Oh, wise guy, eh? Maybe I should introduce you to my main man, Edgar!</line>
<line start="502" end="514" speaker="sfx">beeps</line>
<line start="528" end="560" speaker="strongbad">All right, Edgar, now drop a train on 'em...</line>
<line start="566" end="605" speaker="strongbad">Waaugh! That is not a small number!!</line>
<line start="606" end="644" speaker="strongbad">That is a big number!!! What'm I gonna do?!</line>
<line start="646" end="655" speaker="sfx">beeps</line>
<line start="659" end="725" speaker="strongbad">Computer over? Virus equals very yes?! That's not a good prize!</line>
<line start="736" end="742" speaker="strongbad">Ooh!</line>
<line start="743" end="780" speaker="strongbad">And the Compy... just peed my carpet.</line>
<line start="781" end="808" speaker="strongsad">Strong Bad, what is going on?</line>
<line start="809" end="850" speaker="strongbad">Wah! I dunno! You forgot to wear your neck?</line>
<line start="851" end="888" speaker="strongsad">Have you been using the Internet irresponsibly?</line>
<line start="889" end="920" speaker="strongbad">No more irresponsibly than usual.</line>
<line start="921" end="939" speaker="strongsad">Did you get a virus?</line>
<line start="940" end="965" speaker="strongbad">Uhhh, noo...</line>
<line start="966" end="1000" speaker="strongsad">Did you get four hundred thousand viruses?</line>
<line start="1001" end="1032" speaker="strongbad">Yes... very yes!</line>
<line start="1033" end="1075" speaker="strongsad">Well, hurry up and do something about it before it gets worse!</line>
<line start="1100" end="1115" speaker="strongbad">The Cheeeaaat!</line>
<line start="1125" end="1158" speaker="strongbad">What the...? Whoa! It's cold out here.</line>
<line start="1176" end="1185" speaker="strongbad">Hey!</line>
<line start="1190" end="1244" speaker="homestar">Never fear, Strong Bad! I know how to fix your computer box.</line>
<line start="1245" end="1261" speaker="strongbad">No, no, don't touch that!</line>
<line start="1262" end="1286" speaker="homestar">Your super box needs words.</line>
<line start="1290" end="1306" speaker="homestar">Like these right here!</line>
<line start="1307" end="1351"><homestar>Gotta have this one, and this one, and this-a-this-a-this one.</homestar> <strongbad>No, wait! Stop! That's not supposed to be possible!</strongbad></line>
<line start="1352" end="1400" speaker="homestar"><em>(each pop-up)</em> Making out with Marzipan is totally awesome!</line>
<line start="1401" end="1451"><homestar><em>(each pop-up)</em> Making out with Marzipan is totally awesome!</homestar> <strongbad>Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh—</strongbad></line>
<line start="1452" end="1519" speaker="marzipan">Well, I think it's fantastic, Strong Mad! That's the best stack of VHS tapes I've ever—</line>
<line start="1520" end="1554" speaker="marzipan" sfx="sfx">deep distorted speech, unintelligible</line>
<line start="1555" end="1586" speaker="strongmad">I CAN'T SPELL YOU!</line>
<line start="1587" end="1614" speaker="marzipan" sfx="sfx">deep distorted speech, unintelligible</line>
<line start="1615" end="1638" speaker="kingoftown">A little to the left.</line>
<line start="1646" end="1659" speaker="kingoftown">Good, good...</line>
<line start="1660" end="1678" speaker="kingoftown">Ooh! Poopsmith?!</line>
<line start="1680" end="1716" speaker="theuglyone">I can do it! I can do it <em>nine times</em>!</line>
<line start="1720" end="1765" speaker="kingoftown">Uh! No! Please! Stop! I'm old! And fat! And rich! And cool!</line>
<line start="1766" end="1793" speaker="sfx">powering down sound</line>
<line start="1794" end="1812" speaker="sfx">footsteps</line>
<line start="1813" end="1850"><bubs>I shoulda done this, like, a million years ago.</bubs><sfx>footsteps</sfx></line>
<line start="1866" end="1904" speaker="strongbad">With Marzipan's radish, we're gonna win the competition...</line>
<line start="1905" end="1914" speaker="sfx">gunshot</line>
<line start="1916" end="1967" speaker="strongbad">Hey, he fixed it! That Bubs is a computer genius man!</line>
<line start="1968" end="1994" speaker="strongbad">Let's do a dance for the computer genius man.</line>
<line start="1995" end="2022" speaker="sfx">salsa music</line>
<line start="2023" end="2038"><sfx>salsa music</sfx><strongbad>Thanks, Bubs!</strongbad></line>
<line start="2039" end="2054" speaker="strongbad">How'd you get rid of the vi—</line>
<line start="2055" end="2081" speaker="strongbad">Wait... why do you have a shotgun?</line>
<line start="2084" end="2117" speaker="strongbad">What did you do?! Where's my Compy?!?</line>
<line start="2118" end="2147" speaker="bubs">It's in a better place, Strong Bad.</line>
<line start="2150" end="2201" speaker="bubs">Or rather, it's in the same place, but now it's got a big hole through it.</line>
<line start="2202" end="2246" speaker="strongbad">You murderer!! You killed my brother!</line>
<line start="2252" end="2271" speaker="strongbad">I mean, computer!</line>
<line start="2272" end="2339" speaker="bubs">Look, Strong Bad, my mouth was a broken JPEG. I had no choice.</line>
<line start="2342" end="2387" speaker="strongbad">You don't understand! You <em>all</em> understand!</line>
<line start="2390" end="2436" speaker="strongbad">I mean, don't understand! Yaaauuuggghhh!</line>
<line start="2437" end="2448" speaker="thecheat">The Cheat noises</line>
<line start="2463" end="2497" speaker="homestar">Hey, Bubs, can I have my leg back now?</line>
<line start="2522" end="2587" speaker="strongbad">Dear Strong Bad, I doh du duoh crapfully yours.</line>
<line start="2593" end="2645" speaker="strongbad">I...I'd doh du duoh crapfully yours!</line>
<line start="2657" end="2712" speaker="strongbad">I can relate. I <em>can't relate!</em></line>
<line start="2726" end="2779" speaker="strongbad">I'm gonna get, I'm gonna get in there and <em>mix</em> it up!</line>
<line start="2788" end="2801" speaker="thepaper">Preeow!</line>
<line start="2810" end="2866" speaker="strongbad">I don't remember your names, Davey!</line>
<line start="2879" end="2948" speaker="strongbad">Dear Strong Bad. How do you text with boxing gloves on...?</line>
<line start="2961" end="2967" speaker="sfx">gunfire</line>
<line start="2968" end="3009"><sfx>gunfire</sfx><other> protect the world from the evil forces of Blue Laser!</other></line>
<line start="3010" end="3018" speaker="sfx">gunfire</line>
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