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Sometimes, when Strong Bad is reading one of his emails, he will make a lengthy comment on a word or phrase immediately after reading that word or phrase.

[edit] Appearances

  • sibbie — Strong Bad compliments Sibbie for spelling "Fhqwhgads" correctly, and gives examples of emails in which it is misspelled.
  • keep cool — When Tom B. asks how hot it is in Strong Badia, Strong Bad makes a point of how Strong Badia is not synonymous with Free Country, USA.
  • coloring — When Ter gives "laser lemon" as an example of a "rediculous" crayon name, Strong Bad tells The Cheat to stop working on a laser lemon and to shift focus to laser limes or beams.
  • Comic Book Movie — When Clan refers to himself as a "kindred soul", Strong Bad imagines a religious metal band called Kindred Soul.
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