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[edit] It's just a grill...

The grill shown briefly near the end of the cartoon is possibly a reference to The King of Town's Grill, which is where The Cheat lives.

From: Cheat Commandos...O's
Posted on: 23:40, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • The Cheat lives in a grill. Therefore, it's possible that other Cheats may be drawn to grills as well, hence the appearence of the grill as a reference to the Cheat's home.

Arguments against:

  • They do look slightly the same, but there's no evidence or reason why this would be a reference.
  • Look similar, but not enough in common. KOT's grill is never used, and he wanted to cook steak, not brats. Setting is a backyard with a fence, not the courtyard of a castle.
  • Blue laser was having a barbeque and TBC used a generic grill design. Wheres the reference in that?
  • Yeah, so the grills looked the same. So what? They're both designed to look like actual grills... you know, the kind you see in real life. It's like saying that seeing the sky in one toon is a reference to another toon in which we see the sky.

Additional comments:

  • The connection that the maker of this fact probably made is that its a grill and it was being used by Cheats.

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