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Bear holding a shark.

The Bear Holding a Shark, also known as the Bear-Shark, is a wooden cut-out of a bear standing on its hind legs, holding a shark above its head. The cut-out lurks behind the fence of Strong Badia. The bear holding a shark is one of Strong Badia's "security counter-measures", as Strong Bad puts it; whenever The Cheat touches the Tire, he is given an electric shock and the bear holding a shark pops up. For reasons that are never really explained, The Cheat seems to have a strong phobia of bears holding sharks. The Bear-Shark also plays the part of "headhunters" on Strong Bad's Riverquest Safariventure. It is "scared off" by firing a starting pistol in its general direction twice. In the email myths & legends, it is featured in a documentary that traces back its mythical origins and shows how it evolved into the Bear Holding a Shark we know today. Homestar Runner claims to have seen the "monsterman" while walking in the woods, and he offers blurry photographic evidence to back his claim. (more...)

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