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"Which do you like better, twicks or tweats?"

In the Puppet Special Homestar vs. Little Girl 2, released Monday, October 25, 2004, Puppet Homestar asks the little girl from the previous Homestar vs. Little Girl short what she likes about Halloween. The little girl responds that she likes candy and that her favorite Halloween candy are lollipops. When Homestar asks her what her favorite flavor is, she claims that it's chocolate, even though Homestar doesn't believe it's scientifically possible. After enduring some kicks and smacks to the head from the little girl, Homestar asks her which she prefers: "twicks or tweats". The girl responds with "treats" and then we cut to the little girl giving Homestar a ridiculously cute kiss on the forehead. The end of the clip shows a notice: "Halloween Toon Later This Week!", referring to the subsequent release of Halloween Fairstival. watch (more...)

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