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"Welcome to oblivion, Danger-skew."

Baron Darin Diamonocle appears to be the chief evildoer of Dangeresque 2: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque 1. He's played by Bubs wearing a monocle and holding The Cheat as his pet. One of his evildoings includes dropping a Heavy Lourde on Dangeresque (in reality a stunt double played by Strong Sad). One of the odd features of his character is his phonetic pronunciation of other characters' names; for instance, he calls Dangeresque "Danger-skew" and Perducci "Per-dukki". In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, a reformed Diamononcle, while behind bars at Brainblow City Prison, gives information to Dangeresque so that the hero could rescue Cutesy Buttons. (more...)

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