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"Ahh, there's no such thing as mysterious."

In highschool, the 140th Strong Bad Email, Patrick from Cowiche, WA, asks Strong Bad what he was like in high school. Strong Bad replies by sharing his memories, which he admits are not very photographic, suggesting that they are more like "doodle memories". He shares how in high school, he, Strong Mad, Homestar Runner, and Marzipan were a team of super sleuths who also played in a band just to be safe. Then he shows that in middle school, he, Coach Z, Strong Sad, and The Poopsmith were babies with enormous imaginations. And going even further back, he remembers Homestar Runner and Bubs as paramecia, and himself as a virus. Teenage Strong Bad was also later seen in alternate universe, suggesting that the new characters do live in another universe. (More...) watch

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